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Jewelry - Job

The most popular word starts on "J" today in Internet is ...


Soviet collection. Historically inspired products with a sense of adventure. Crown.

Sovietski collection: furnishings, jewelry, decorative accessories...

Welcome to Sovietski collection! Feel a sense of adventure and have a look to the treasures from a Bygone Era.

Where else can you buy a $19,950 spacesuit, an antique diving helmet, a naval ship captain's chronometer, hand-cut polish crystal, Lomonosov porcelain and some of the finest European antiques and vintage artifacts on the web? The one and only place is Soviet collection.

Sovietski collection, headquartered in San Diego, CA, was founded in 1992 shortly after the dissolution of the Soviet Union. Mitch Siegler, the company’s President, began traveling to Russia more than a decade ago and soon discovered a treasure trove of Russian-made products which he felt would appeal to American consumers.

In 2001, the company began publishing a second catalogue, Treasures from a Bygone Era, which offers an exciting array of European and European-inspired home decor and furnishings, jewelry, and decorative accessories.

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