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Gambler's wife system to make a winner from a loser.
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Casino Games Observer. - Let me set you on the right track now! You was born to win, not lose! Gambler's wife system to make a winner from a loser.
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You was born to be a winner, not a loser!

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Yesterday our life was in ruins...

I said to my husband, "That's all. Game over. I have had enough. I leave you. Now you can kiss my ass, goodbye."

This drunk animal answers, "Take it easy, dear. What's matter? Everything seems to be ok. Today I won about $200, or $150, something near $100..."

"You gave me a honest word of a honest man that week ago you played last time... Very last time at all! You took and fired all my money! You remember how you won $100 and absolutely forgot how you lost over $10000 in total!"

Best of the best today...
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Play and win with peace of mind.


Nobody in the world can make turn off a gambler from the Game. So I sat and begin to think what can I do to save my husband, my family and myself.

I decide to study this god damned casino world to create a system of "lucky gambler". The system that makes a winner from a loser.

Today this Gambler's wife system is ready, checked, tested and approved.

I even decide to make up a website to save all poor wives of unlucky gamblers from poverty and misery.

The system has many rules, software, great knowledge base with over 10 tutorials, but don't worry! You can begin with three main rules.

Rule 1. Never try to win in any land based casino, play only in Internet casino. Why? Please remember - all land based casinos have very low payout ratio, Internet casinos have in average 97% payout ratio. People come to a land based casino to spend time and money, not to win! Driving 2 or 3 hours to the closest smoke-filled casino and having to drive back after many hours of play. What for? Just to lose 2 or 3 hundred dollars. Not a very good idea. Chances to win in land based casinos very low. Chances to win in virtual casinos real and big if you will follow next rules.

Rule 2. Play only in honest Internet casinos. Alas! There are many liars, scammers and criminals online. You have chances to win only if you play in honest, respectable casinos. I put some links to fair casinos on this website to make your task easy.

River Belle - The Greatest Riverboat Casino

Rule 3. Limit yourself. Avoid passion. You can win in Poker, Slots and any another game only if you have cold heart and clear head. If you are tired or in passion don't play this day!

Rule 4. Use your own strategy. You can try strategy software or develop your strategy using your brain. Good chess gamers say, "better get bad strategy then get no strategy at all"...

Gambling is as much fun as it is fair and responsible. Remember, it is just a game. Smart people always win in this game.
If you lose time after time in casinos online please stop for a while and think. The reason maybe very simple. If you play in dishonest casinos your chances to win is zero. Play only in well-known respectable casinos controlled and operated under licenses granted by the Governments.

Full listing of casino's groups in investigation.
We looking for the truth in gambling world. We take a casino group (a casino, a poker room, a bingo room), investigate it from all sides and make conclusion. Here are all companies in the middle of investigation of Casino Games Observer.
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Casino Groups on Casino Games Observer
Here we provide listing of checked and approved groups of casinos online. If you have some info about online casinos please don't hesitate to share this info with us. Thanks!

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Money Transfer Systems
When you'll win some money with a little help of your friends from Casino Games Observer site you would like to get your money faster, faster and faster. Right? So you need some useful information about Money Transfer Systems in Internet. Please note: all systems have been checked and approved. You can use these systems without worrying.
More Info about Money Transfer Systems --->>>...

We hope information on Casino Games Observer help you to feel better in this World of Games.

Glad to see you on the right track from Losertown to Winnerville!

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